Marine Surveys

Surveys are carried out by Qualified and Certified Marine Surveyors only.

Pre Purchase Surveys
If you are thinking of purchasing a new yacht, we can help identifying any technical problems the yacht may have, we provide a fast and accurate service.
A pre-purchase survey normally includes a sea trial during which all systems are tested, a general condition survey both interior and exterior, verification of on board documents and certificates, and an out of water survey for the underwater part of the yacht. We report online and provide you with a list of defects and recommendations. We are familiar with the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement and the clauses related to the pre purchase survey. As an additional service we provide advice on how and where to register the yacht and we frequently assist new yacht owners in the full purchase process and registration of the yacht.

Paint Survey and Supervision
Paint surveys are part of the supervision and project management of a re-paint job or during a new construction project. Ron Kleverlaan is a Registered Marine Coatings Inspector accredited by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors. Paint surveys are also carried out when disputes arises about the condition and quality of a new paint job to understand the cause of any deficiencies or to assess the condition of a painted yacht before a new coating is applied.

Risk Surveys
Riks assessments on yachts or ships are usually requested by insurance companies or financial institutions and focus on general safety, operational risks, fire risks, on board procedures, emergency drills and training ,crew qualifications and work and rest hours. Risk assessments are also done on shipyards and temporary refit facilities.

Delivery Survey and Sea trials
For new constructed yachts we provide specific delivery surveys. The scope of this survey depends on the stage of the project but would normally include extensive dock trials, sea trials and final acceptance protocols up to delivery. Depending on how the project is delivered, warranty management and supervision could be part of the scope of work.