Yacht Management

Waterman Marine Consultancy BV is managing a select group of large luxury yachts. Our management is based on efficiency and transparency and it is our goal to provide solid assistance to Owners and Crew.

Our management is supported by our online efficiency tools, Yaccount for the financial management and budget control and Watermanlive for compliance matters and technical management. Both systems are web based and always available to Owners and Crew.

We are looking for quality rather than quantity and therefore manage a select group of yachts.

Financial Management   Find out more…..

The financial management of a yacht starts with the budget. Once the budget has been agreed upon with the Owner and Captain of the yacht it will then be implemented in our online system Yaccount. The Captain runs the yacht and he and his senior crew have access to their departments in Yaccount where they can capture their expenses and attach the related receipts and invoices. A dedicated cash box for each senior crew member keeps track on cash expenditures on board.Bank statements and credit card statements are verified by the shore based management. Invoices of suppliers and sub contractors are paid by the shore based management after verification with the responsible person on board through an automated approval process in Yaccount. Budget control is the main task of the shore based management. Reports are available in Yaccount at any time and monthly reports for the Owner are generated automatically.All information in Yaccount is stored on secured servers in a secured datacenter and all modifications to the data are backed up immediately.

Technical Management

Waterman Marine Consultancy assists the Owner and Captain/Crew with compliance matters for flag and Classification Society. All certificates are being verified and all necessary surveys with the related authorities are being organized. Insurance is put in place for hull and machinery, protection and indemnity and crew. All documentation of the yacht is then stored on our online system Watermanlive which is always accessible for Owners, Captain and senior crew members. Automated notifications are sent by email to the responsible persons when expiry dates of certificates are approaching. Annual maintenance, repairs and refits and crew contracts are also supervised by the shore based management. Operational assistance is provided when needed.