Dynamic Fleet Risk Management System

Highlighting and tracking of elevated risks on board every vessel in a fleet. Dashboard showing all vessels and their risk status gives any risk manager, insurer or ship owner an immediate view on the risk situation of each vessel. Automated notifications by email in case a risk situation changes or is resolved. Analytical fleet data is available from the dashboard showing the number of outstanding risk issues and other vessel related data.

Revolutionary online Marine Surveying system

Watermanlive is an online Marine Surveying system which makes the on board inspections on vessel and ships extremely efficient. Vessel specific checklists and automatically created issues in case of deficiencies. Each issue can be individually tracked and photos and files added to them by every user. The online surveying system is accessible from any mobile device and works even when internet connections are not available. The results of the survey are immediately accessible by clients or backoffice for further processing. Totally paperless, a real environmental friendly solution!

Automated Vessel Rules Compliance System

Each vessel type entered in a Watermanlive database is automatically matched with all applicable statutory and flag regulations for that particular vessel. Through-links to official authority information sources gives a complete picture of all regulations to comply with and all certificates needed on board. Automated notifications by email are sent when surveying dates or expiry dates are approaching so timely action can be taken to avoid non compliance situations.

Single and Multiple Vessel Management

Watermanlive is a full vessel management system. All documentation of the vessel can be kept in one, easy accessible and secure location. For vessel owners and managers, for single or multiple vessels, always all information at hand whenever you want and wherever you are. Historical trace of all on board activities related to the vessel’s condition, jobs, warranty, damage claims, crew and regulations. Automated back-up of all stored files and photos.

Dynamic Tracking of Warranty claims, Damage Claims and Outstanding Jobs.

If you need to keep track on Warranty Claims, Damage Claims or ongoing Jobs on board your vessel then Watermanlive is the ideal tool for you. Warranty claims can be tracked per item on activity and due date. The Damage Claim tool provides for a full damage claim reporting including calculation tables for related expenses and deductibles. Projects and Jobs can be managed effectively in Watermanlive and provides for a Job tracking system as well as a calculation table to compare quotations against actual invoiced amounts and keeps your projects within your budget.

Online and paperless Quality Control System for Shipyards.

Watermanlive’s revolutionary electronic inspection system allows shipyards to gain time while doing their quality control checks during the construction of a vessel. Deficiencies are immediately reported back to the main database and notifications sent in real time to the related people or departments. No time is lost and action can be taken immediately, increasing efficiency and minimizing delay in delivery. The electronic inspection system prevents that inspectors and project managers to miss inspection points during their work which increases accuracy and the overall quality of a project. Ask for a quotation now and increase the quality of your project. Watermanlive is a total paperless system and therefore helping to improve our environment.

 Watermanlive  is exclusively available for our management clients.