After more than 20 year experience in yacht management we believe that many tasks can be simplified and that the transparency with the client can be and should be increased.

That was the main reason for us to start developing the YACCOUNT software in 2008 which is still the only online accounting software for yachts on the market today. It has been developed after years of testing and the goal was to design a simple but effective system that can be used by the captain and crew, the onshore office and the owner himself at the same time.

The information about the financial situation and the yacht related expenses are now available at any time of the day in any location with an internet connection. This means no surprises and early discovery of mistakes.

The system is extremely user friendly and the yachts who are using YACCOUNT are very happy with it, They save a lot of time and feel comfortable that all accounts are up to date at all times!

What is it?

Web Access – Anywhere Anytime

  • YACCOUNT is web based and you can Log in securely to do your onboard accounts from any location that has an Internet connection.
  • YACCOUNT can be accessed directly through your web browser. No additional software required.
  • You can use YACCOUNT on Windows PC’s, Apple and Android tablets and laptops
  • YACCOUNT’s Y-expense APP will be available for Apple I-Phone, Android and Windows mobile in early 2013. This app will make it available to capture expenses on and off-line on your smart device and synchronize  with the main database.

Maintenance Free & Always Up to date

  • YACCOUNT requires no installation, manual backups or maintenance. You can focus on using YACCOUNT, not maintaining it.

Real Time Information

  • Owners and managers are able to view the financial or operational status on board at any time without disturbing crew or the accounting department.
  • Automatically generated monthly reports and budget updates are sent by e-mail.
  • Charter balances and state of accounts are available immediately at any given time during a charter

Simplicity & Ease of Use

  • The shear simplicity of YACCOUNT will help save valuable crew and accounting staff man-hours every month.
  • Intuitive design means very little training is required.
  • No room for mistakes due to built in users security features


  • Configurable email and text message notifications for expenses needing attention and notification for credit card and cash balances are available.

Rapid implementation

  • Very little implementation is required other than understanding your organisation/accounts structure and the number and type of users needed in order to configure and implement YACCOUNT

 What can you do with it?

  • Track Expenses – Our simple and intuitive design makes it effortless for a Captain, Manager or Owner to keep track of the daily Yacht expenses.
  • Process Creditor Invoices – The ability to record and attach invoices for payment online ensures speedy payment of invoices.
  • Built in Approval Levels – The ability to route expenses for approval ensures invoices are properly approved with an associated audit trail.
  • Credit Card Management – allows credit card users to monitor credit card spend and have real-time access to the available credit balance.
  • Onboard Cash Management – The cash box functionality allows for real-time monitoring of cash onboard at a departmental or user level.
  • Manage Charter Expenses – the ability to view charter expenses at any time during the charter and produce a client statement on completion of the charter.
  • Online reports – Online reports provide the ability for a Captain, Manager or Owner to generate browser or pdf expense reports based on selected criteria.
  • Executive dashboard – allows Owners to have a personalized view of key expense data of their yacht

The Yaccount online software system is exclusively available for our management clients